Signing applications

Applications and opinions

All kinds of applications to issue environmental permits or environmental surveys are important elements of the LEMITOR's Counseling Department offer. Correct preparation and thoughtful justification of the motion for the adequate environmental permit often determine the overall possibility to start the investment or planned production activities. It is worthy to order such service with LEMITOR's experts to be sure of a professional and timely service.


The offer is dedicated to business operators located all around Poland!


The range of services covers comprehensive applications needed to issue following documents:

  • IPPC permits
  • permits for environmental noise emission
  • permits for gas and/or dust emission to the environment
  • permits for aquatic legal surveys (for water uptake and/or wastewater discharge)
  • permits for waste generation and/or transport, collection, recycling and waste disposal
  • establishing protection areas of groundwater
  • permits that enable participation in the CO2 emission trading scheme
  • decisions on the environmental conditions of the planned investment


In every case prepared document consists of merit part including such elements as i.e. measurement or calculation results or modeling of pollution discharge prepared with use of professional software.

We are ready to prepare documents of different scale of complexity, always if an additional stage of baseline report is required.

It is possible to authorize LEMITOR's experts to represent the client in the whole administrative proceeding leading to the obtainment of the environmental permits. It means lowering onerousness for the client.

Services are provided by the Counseling Department of LEMITOR company which works according to the quality management system acc. to ISO9001 norm. It is confirmed by the certificate of ISO9001 issued by the TÜV Nord Polska.


We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed offer.