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Baseline reports

The need to prepare a baseline report and end line survey comes directly from the national Environment Protection Act and appears (in generally) at the initial stage of the new investment planning. The goal is to determine the state of the environment before launching the new investment ("base" situation) and then, at the stage of investment abandonment ("end" situation). Thanks to that, it is possible to determine the real environmental damages.

Important, however often underestimated, is the fact that such baseline reports might be used as a real insurance policy which protects the investor from unjustified claims of causing damages to the environment!


The offer is dedicated to business operators located all around Poland!


The range of our service  is strictly related to the needs defined by the client and might include:

  • an analysis which will show is the baseline report required
  • preparation of comprehensive baseline report (or end line survey)


This part of our services ideally fits into the profile of LEMITOR's offer. Experts of Counseling Department provide correct quality of the merit and description parts and specialists from the Research Laboratory guarantee that analysis of different environment components is planned and carried out in a proper way.

Services are provided by the Counseling Department of LEMITOR company which works according to the quality management system acc. to ISO9001 norm. It is confirmed by the certificate of ISO9001 issued by the TÜV Nord Polska. Research Laboratory of LEMITOR company is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) according to the ISO 17025 norm (Certificate No AB912). PCA is a signatory of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ILAC-MRA.

It is possible to authorize LEMITOR's experts to represent the client in the whole administrative proceeding concerning on the obtaining of the environmental permits. It means lower onerousness to the client.


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