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Custom-made soultions

Protection of the environment covers broad spectrum of issues, often related to the specific needs or specific area of the expertise. Information about interesting aspects of the environment (as a result of the study, an analysis or a report) can simultaneously provide a source of important information crucial for the actions taken. Combination of these two facts means that an individually specific studies must often be prepared, characterized by parameters strictly described by the customer's needs and giving answer to his specific questions.

Will the usage of new machinery result in lower emissions (and because of that - less business costs)? Is it possible to identify waste incineration in household furnaces on the basis of the ash ingredients? How to adapt to climate change in urban areas? The nature of questions may be different and the only common thing they have is that they cannot be strictly classified in one of the categories described in other parts of our offer and that the response to them - due to their specific nature - will require extensive knowledge and experience of the authors.

Among our studies of such type also comprehensive studies describing the state of the environment of the defined area might be found. Such "environmental guides" (e.g. of cities or regions) bring high promotional and informative value to the local community. The service is of a complete nature and may include data obtaining, data preparation as well as the whole editorial and publishing process.

Prior to the project implementation, the goal and scope of work are thoroughly agreed with the client, so that the final result of the service answers to the needs reported at the beginning stage. Our experience is the best guarantee that every order will be executed in a way that takes the individual approach into account. If necessary, a support of the Research Laboratory of LEMITOR company might be given at every stage of the implementation.


The offer is dedicated to administration, public entities and business operators located all around Poland!


Services are provided by the Counseling Department of LEMITOR company which works according to the quality management system acc. to ISO9001 norm. It is confirmed by the certificate of ISO9001 issued by the TÜV Nord Polska. Required measurements are provided by Research Laboratory of LEMITOR company which is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) according to the ISO 17025 norm (Certificate No AB912). PCA is a signatory of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ILAC-MRA.


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