Environmental planning in different places

Environmental Planning

Environmental plans and programs belong to documents of a strategic nature. Generally they are prepared for the area of entire cities, municipalities, communes or regions. Such type of documents covers the diagnosis of the actual stand as well as indicates suggested activities that should be started in order to achieve expected conditions.

The obligation to prepare appropriate plan or program comes mainly from the formal requirements imposed on the public authority by the law. In such case prepared document becomes ultimately a valid and applicable local law. It also happens that the development of such plans (or programs) is undertaken voluntarily, as a result of the local policies and/or aspirations in order to ensure the long-term and coherent local policy of environment management.

Finally, planning and programming might also concern commercial entities which are intresed in creating them for their own needs.


The offer is dedicated to the administration of all stages located all around Poland!


The range of services covers wide range of environmental plans and programs of which most typical are:

  • plans for low emission economy
  • plans for the supply of heat, electricity and gas fules
  • plans of protection activities for the Natura 2000 areas
  • waste management plans
  • environmental protection programs
  • air protection programs
  • noise action programs


It is possible to authorize LEMITOR's experts to represent the client in the whole administrative proceeding leading to the obtaining of the environmental permits. It means lowering onerousness for the client. Our experience also enables us to actively participate in public consultations with different stakeholders.

Services are provided by the Counseling Department of LEMITOR company which works according to the quality management system acc. to ISO9001 norm. It is confirmed by the certificate of ISO9001 issued by the TÜV Nord Polska.


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