Pipes as symbol of the proficiency testing

Proficiency testing TUBE-PT

Results of air emission measurements provided by environmental laboratories support industry with clear and significant information about the characteristics of production facility’s installations. It is often an important part of the company documentation required by law.

The complexity of all factors deciding about the final result and very often - lack of other possibilities to repeat the measurement in same conditions require not only a good quality equipment but also experienced and a competent staff. Reliability of the results is crucial here and the best way to verify their quality is proficiency testing.

Proficiency testing is an assessment which shows the ability of the laboratory to provide reliable results. It gives a lot of benefits to the laboratory i.e.:

  • building client's trust to the laboratories by positive results of proficiency testing
  • confirmation of the laboratory competences
  • exchange of experience during proficiency testing
  • assessment of measurement methods used by the laboratory

LEMITOR offers proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons carried out periodically in one of the following ranges:

  • volume flow, TOC (package WHITE)
  • volume flow, CO, SO2, NO2 (package BLUE)
  • volume flow, HCl, Benzene (package BLACK/in preparation!)


The offer of proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons is addressed to all laboratories active in the field of air emission measurements.


Our offer covers proficiency testing using dedicated test installation designed especially for such purposes. It enables us to perform measurements of numerous measurement teams at the same time which guarantees the same conditions and gives a possibility to compare the results.

Advantages of our proposal are:

  • possibility to measure gases such as SO2, CO, NO2, HCl or Benzene and Propane as well as volume flow
  • 11 measurement stands which enable many measurement teams to perform measurements at the same time
  • measurement stands guarantee the same measurement conditions
  • each measurement stand equipped with standard measurement port M64x4 and individual power socket 220-240V
  • ergonomics and basic comfort on each measurement stand
  • participation of many measurement teams guarantees a reliable statistical analysis of the final results
  • results are also published in a remote way using web portal available for authorized person


We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed offer.