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The offer dedicated to the municipalities represents a complex mix of research, documentation and consultancy services that support local administration (and other entities providing public services) at each stage of their activities.

Proposed services strictly relate to the actual law regulation however in each case an individual approach related to Client needs might be implemented (scope of work might be modified or extended with additional specific aspects).

Our offer of documentation prepared for municipalities (as well as for bigger administrative units) covers for example:

For existing or planned investments of public infrastructure we propose following documentation types:

  • due diligences
  • ex-post studies (e.g. of roads or railway lines)
  • projects of limited use areas
  • comprehensive monitoring surveys (e.g. of MSW landfills)

All services are performed by our experienced Counseling Department staff. This factor guarantees high level of competence also at the stage of public consultation which is a common part of all type of environmental plans or strategies.

Together with partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, we also implement the project related to adaptation to climate change in cities. The aim of the project is to help the cities of Central Europe effectively tackle the effects of climate change, in particular with ever-growing heat waves and urban overheating by enhancing green infrastructure - greenery in all its forms and possible locations.

At each stage of the service implementation, a team of our consultants might refer to the competence of LEMITOR’s Research Laboratory when necessary. Such opportunity reduces final costs and implementation time of the whole project in every` case when additional on-site measurements are required (i.e. to define sound level or air quality etc).

Finally, our comprehensive offer is completed by the services offered by the Research Laboratory of LEMITOR covering sampling, on-site measurements and wide range of laboratory analysis in following areas:

  • waters and wastewaters
  • soils, sludge and wastes
  • air emissions and imissions
  • noise and vibrations

Counseling Department of LEMITOR is certified by TUV Nord Polska according to ISO 9001 and Research Laboratory of LEMITOR is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) according to the ISO 17025 norm (Certificate No AB912). PCA is a signatory of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

To whom do we especially dedicate our services?

  • local administration units
  • entities providing public services
  • all other entities looking for support in the field of environmental protection aspects in urban, suburban and rural areas

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