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Transportation is one of the crucial parts of every economy. It covers all users as well as whole highly complex transport infrastructure, both resulting in numerous interactions with the environment. Environmental impacts caused by transportation, no matter if point, surface or linear nature, belong to the basic elements of daily maintenance activities as well as to every analysis of new transportation investment.

Transportation is a branch in which LEMITOR might offer really a lot. Services of environmental assessments and wide range of measurements are only examples of services which gained trust of many clients and fully confirmed their quality.

Services are performed at the planning stage of the investment as well as at the implementation and final exploitation stages of the roads, railways, seaports or airports.

Our offer is fully comprehensive and covers:

  • preparation of all kinds of environmental documentations as well as support in the administrative procedures concerning obtaining environmental decisions
  • all kinds of environmental documentations required at the planning, realization and exploitation stage complemented with research activities of further environmental impacts caused during years of use

All services are performed by our experienced Counseling Department staff. This factor guarantees high level of competence also at the stage of on-site studies. At each stage of the service implementation, a team of our consultants might refer to the competence of LEMITOR’s Research Laboratory when necessary.  Such opportunity reduces final costs and implementation time of the whole project in each case when additional on-site measurements are required (i.e. to define noise levels, drainage water quality etc).

Counseling Department of LEMITOR is certified by TUV Nord Polska according to ISO 9001 and Research Laboratory of LEMITOR is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) according to the ISO 17025 norm (Certificate No AB912). PCA is a signatory of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

To whom do we especially dedicate our services?

  • engineers and engineering companies as well as other entities responsible for the preparation of the investment

  • public or private entities active as an administrator of the transportation infrastructure

  • any other entities (legal or natural persons), whose activity is associated with the transportation branch and are interested in professional support in the field of environmental issues

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