LEMITOR was established in 1990 as small Environmental Protection Study. At that time the company was dealing exclusively with the measurements of emission into the air and analyses of atmospheric pollution.

Since early years, taken activities have focused on stable growth in the field of experience and competence. This effort results in real increase in the number of the professional experts in the team and technical potential of the company. All this results in increasing a range of the offered services.

In late nineties a new parts of wastewater analysis and waste management were added to the company offer and with the beginning of the new century LEMITOR started environmental noise assessment in full scale.

At that stage of the company development, LEMITOR started the process of quality management system implementation according to ISO 9001. Due to that, in 2004 TUV Nord Polska confirmed the quality standards of the Counseling Department of the LEMITOR company.

Few years later, as a next step, LEMITOR's Research Laboratory received an accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) according to ISO 17025 norm. This certificate confirms high quality of laboratory services offered by the company. Since the first issue dated on 2008, as an answer to the actual clients needs, it has been expanded with the new analysis every year.

In 2010 the first new branch office was opened. It is located in Bydgoszcz and gives great opportunities to help clients in central parts of Poland. The next office was opened in Szczecin located at the seaside of the Baltic sea. It enables the company  to support clients especially from the northern region.

Today, LEMITOR is a competent partner for each environmental issue. Years of experience, dating first years of Polish democratic transition and economic transformation, and wide range of clients from Poland and other European countries, give us an optimistic look into the future of LEMITOR's story.


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