Money - payment for environmental services

Environmental fees

Business activities also mean responsibilities in fees payments and periodical submitting of reports. Some of them can also refer to environmental issues - if the necessity comes from the law.
Subcontracting of such activities to experts professionally engaged in environmental issues saves time and often can bring measurable financial benefits. Simply, the work of the specialist means that errors in the documentation are avoided and - as a result - it also prevents potential fiscal sanctions due to unreliable fulfillment of the reports.

The offer is dedicated to business operators (especially small and middle entrepreneurs) located all around Poland!

Our services are comprehensive and cover i.e.:

  • annual and semi-annual settlement of fees for the use of the environment
  • annual settlements on product fees
  • preparation of KOBIZE (National Centre for Emission Reporting and Management) report


Services are provided by the Counseling Department of LEMITOR company which works according to the quality management system acc. to ISO9001 norm. It is confirmed by the certificate of ISO9001 issued by the TÜV Nord Polska.

We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed offer.