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An oak (Latin - Quercus) has been a symbol of wisdom, creative potency, bravery, strength, endurance and longevity for centuries now. When you add kindness and its friendliness towards people to features given before it becomes clear, that Quercus is the perfect name for an application created by us.

The product is dedicated for specialists responsible for management and supervision of environmental aspects of business activity. This solution gives a management staff an access to information, including control over environmental  parameters and costs related to them. Using available programming solutions we created the product supporting the management of environmental protection issues, maintaining user-friendly interface.


Because of modular construction the product matches the needs of institutions at different levels of complexity. It is worth mentioning that many qualities of the application are reveled when the processes are complicated, the scale of environmental interactions is high and the organizational structure of the company is complex.


The key features of the software:

  • Descriptive data (for example: emitter’s parameters, archival and actual results of measurements, etc.)
  • Graphical data (for example: plans and raster maps, vector data as a vector maps and 3D models of objects, etc.)
  • Integrated reporting module including e.g. environmental fees forms, PRTR and KOBIZE registers, product charges or VOC’s balance (as an example of possibilities of functionalities of the application)
  • It enables the user to create and export reports that cover individually defined scope (for example: amount of emission from chosen sources or due fees for chosen period, etc.)
  • Automatic data import with the results of the environmental measurement (for example: air contamination, noise pollution and other environmental parameters)
  • An intuitive, graphical interface
  • 3D module of production facility which not only simplifies the perception of presented information but also increases the possibility to visualize simulated processes and analysis of complex spatial arrangement
  • It enables the user to carry out advanced topological analysis, thanks to complete integration of information about emissions (for example: their amount, type, source) and information about the object (for example: location of particular object and installation)

We were aware of the potential this application holds while creating it. The effect of our work is a tool that can be the primary source of environmental data, according to which decisions and plans can be made. Furthermore, the offered tool is completely matched to the user’s needs. Quercus provides the user with flexibility and it enables him to modify data without decreasing cohesion and clarity of the tool. While designing the application we focused on it’s structure in order to enable it’s modification parallel to changing environment.


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